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Midnight Navy featured throughout compliments the sneaker’s appearance while Legend Blue hits finish it off. Summer hats are also great accessorizing details for spicing up more elegant and classier looks, like we see it in the case of Chiara Ferragni, who finishes off her gorgeous tea-length full-skirt navy blue dress with a black cowgirl-style hat. Made with white tumbled leather on the upper, this sneaker is nothing but clean. Shea Marie also knows how to skillfully mix and match various styles and one of her show-stopping looks features a cute striped romper with a deep plunging neckline accessorized with a nude panama hat.Hitting retailers January 10th for $190,Jordan 13 Hyper Pink For Sale let us know in the comment section below what you would do to get your hands on a pair!When effortless vibes meet the girly style, we get an unbelievably romantic look, which is exactly what Sara from Collage Vintage shows wearing a romantic lace dress with a fedora hat, or a printed red skirt with a simple black top and a hat.