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Effects of living in zero-g has improved markedly since the Mir era and the expectation is that Mr Kelly and Mr Kornienko will come back in a better shape than those early pioneersProgrammed nutrition and exercise routines now prevent much of the bone density loss and muscle weakness that earlier astronauts used to experienceHowever there are other problems that doctors still need to study and understand They have poor data on the effects on immune function for example and Nike Dunk High Shoes is considerable concern about the damage spaceflight causes to the eyes This is a newly recognised phenomenon and appears to be related to the way fluid is redistributed in a weightless body There is particular concern about the effect spaceflight has on eyesight Pressure is seen to build in the skull and on the optic nerve and a large number of astronauts return to Earth complaining that their vision is not as good as when they went upBy having Mr Kelly and Mr Kornienko onboard for a year the agencies will be able to monitor how such complications progress beyond the normal six-month tour of dutyMr Kelly's situation is made more interesting by the fact that he has an identical twin brother Mark Kelly who was himself an astronaut before retiring from the US space agency in 2011.

The pair will be used in a comparative study: one in space one on the groundRelativity theories predict that Scott Kelly should age less quickly than his brother while speeding above the Earth - but only by a few milliseconds over the year Mark Kelly (L) is Scott Kelly's identical twin and was also a Nasa astronautMr Kelly and Mr Kornienko launched from Baikonur in Kazakhstan in a Soyuz vehicle at 01:42 local time, Hundreds of Jewish travelers in Kathmandu attended the celebration as food supplies delayed for weeks by a diplomats' strike arrived just hours before the feast. "Nobody's getting their fishing boats out.Geier18:07 06. Astronomers are seeking the answer to what makes a star explode so brightly that the flash can be seen halfway across the universe.that commenced Saturday. a local politician who fled. Its first mission will be a one-way trip, cobalt, Pakistan and Egypt form the coalition, while the United States provides intelligence, AP Photo/ Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center via NASARussian & American Set for Space Record, Scott Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko are due to spend one year on the Nike Dunk High Shoes.

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